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Counselling for Business & organisations

We offer Corporate Counselling Services to businesses for employee'sThe Counselling we provide gives an employee a safe place to talk about issues that trouble them and allowing Counsellors to help them find their own solutions to problems or develop better ways to manage issues. It is not about giving advice, but about providing a non-judgmental, empathic and accessible means to allow an employee to find a way forward.While work related issues, including stress, overwork, bullying and difficult colleagues, can of course directly impact an employee's performance, personal issues can have a similar negative impact.We all experience life-crisis issues at different stages in our lives. Experiences such as bereavement and loss, relationship and family difficulties, substance misuse, alcohol issues, and stresses at home can all preoccupy someone's thinking and distract them from work. In certain safety sensitive industries this can also be a major risk.Recent Health and Safety legislation has put a responsibility on employers requiring them to consider their employees mental and emotional well being.‘In 2001 the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists commissioned and published a report “Counselling in the workplace: The facts” which determined that after Counselling, more than half of all employees found their work related symptoms had returned to normal, and sickness and absence was reduced by 25%’


The benefits of counselling for your business or organisation

Employers benefits

Research has shown that approximately 500,000 employees are suffering from work related stress resulting in 6.5 million sick days each year.

Benefits for your business

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Retention of valuable employees

  • Reduced levels of stress in the workplace

  • Harmonious working environment

Employee Benefits

Employees knowing that their is a counselling service they can access through their workplace, with no judgement, will give them the ability to approach management in a more open manner and request earlier help.

  • Counsellling that is away from their work

  • Covering both work and personal issues

  • Feeling supported by both their employers and their counsellor

Next Step

We currently work with other employers and design packages that are individual to meet your business needs.

If this is a service that you would be interested in providing for your employees, then please contact our Practice Manager Chloe Brown.

we will arrange a meeting to discuss your businesses needs. During the initial meeting we will go over matters such as the type of contract that would be suitable for your organisation and the type of reporting necessary to meet your business requirements; we will also explain how the contract and reporting will be administered.

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