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delivery of Counselling sessions

We understand that clients wish to access counselling in different ways and as such aim to meet clients needs. 

Whichever approach to counselling best suits you and your needs, still meets all requirements from us to work in a professional manner, with confidentality and non-judgemental at the core of our work. 

All costs are the same, regardless of the delivery.

If working remotely, payments for sessions are made by bank transfer and details will be given to you at the initial appointment.

Face to Face Sessions

We have modern, comfortable counselling rooms.

Where you and your consellor work together face to face.

Each room has the space to talk through your difficulties, whilst also having different creative tools to help within sessions to explore and heal, for those who prefer to work in a more creative manner. 

To make a face to face appointment please call our reception on 01268 293799

Telephone sessions

We understand that for some clients for many different reasons prefer to attend their sessions in a remote way.

We offer telephone sessions for these clients.

Each sessions still incompases confidentality and the counsellor working alongside you.

As a client working with us, we also acknowledge that you may wish to switch to a different method of counselling and as such, you have the flexibility to continue throughout your work with us to remain with telephone sessions or to change how we work together from telephone to zoom or face to face.

To make arrangments for telephone counselling please email 

Zoom sessions

For some clients, the ability to access counselling remotely but still be able to engage with the counsellor by seeing them, is the middle ground that feels most comfortable.

We understand this and are happy to work within this way.

To ensure that zoom sessions are available, all you need is a device to access zoom and a place of your choice that allows you to openly talk without distraction or being overheard.

We ensure that we facilitate sessions within a confidential area.

To make arrangments for telephone counselling please email 

Initial Appointment

Your first appointment consists of you meeting us and together, we discuss what has brought you to counselling and general information.

This is a chance for you to see how we work and if you feel comfortable within our agency

There is no commitment to continue working with us, if you do not feel comfortable.

Cost of an intial appointment is £10.

Self funded sessions

One to one sessions are based generally on a weekly basis and are 50 minutes.

You will work with the same counsellor to help build the therapeutic relationship and trust.

All sessions are held in comfortable confidential counselling rooms.

Using many different approaches to help you to reach a place that you would like to be at.

Cost of one to one sessions range from £15 to £60 and are based on a sliding scale of disposable income.

Funded Sessions

As a not for profit, we are able to apply for different pots of funding.

During our initial appointments, we are always aware of the different funding we have and we will inform you, if you fit any criteria for funded sessions.

If you are able to access our funded sessions, you will be given the oppertunity to access these, if you wish.

Funded sessions allow you to access 12 sessions for free.

Student Counselling

We offer Student counsellors, one to one counselling to meet the requirments of their course and help with their personal development.

Our counsellor have experience working with student counsellors and will complete paperwork to fit with their course.

Initial Appoin​tment

This appointment is to discuss with our agency your requirments to meet your counselling course and to get the counsellors details, including their BACP number for any course paperwork needed.

We will also complete our intial appointment paperwork to get a better picture of what our work together may include.

Cost of initial appointment £25

One to One Sessions

All sessions are 50 minutes and generally on a weekly basis.

You will continue to see the same counsellor throughout, to build the therapeutic relationship and trust.

All sessions are held in a safe non-judgemental enviroment.

Cost of sessions are £25

Payments & Invoicing

We are aware that different courses work differntly in regards to covering the cost of personal therapy for students during their course.

We are happy to work with you to meet your course requirments

from the amont of sessions to how payment is received.

Students can pay either per session or we can invoice your training provider, if they provide this service.

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